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The Association for Bahá’í Studies UK has experienced a rich history of publications that offer Baháʼí perspectives on contemporary issues such as peace, human rights, ethics, governance, development, gender equality, the environment, the arts, race and ethnic relations. Others include the study of the Baháʼí teachings, its laws and principles, as well as the history of the Baháʼí Faith, its central figures and the development of the Baháʼí community.

While historically these articles took the form of a physical journal they will soon be available to enjoy online where new scholarship is added throughout the year.

The Baháʼí Studies Review welcomes submissions from scholars and independent thinkers from the UK who wish to demonstrate relationships between their research and Bahá'í principles and teachings with an upper limit of 10,000 words. Authors do not need to be formally engaged in academic fields to publish work and a wide variety of output is welcome including film, literature, and the visual arts.

We are actively seeking proposals for the Bahá'í Studies Review and would love to hear from you at

Bahá'í Studies Review: Welcome
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